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              Early work in progress release notes.
              OpenVDB Voxel Remesh

              Quickly create a new quad mesh based on the volume of the mesh. It is particularly useful for sculpting, to generate a good topology when blocking shapes, as an alternative to dynamic topology without the performance cost of continuous updates.

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              Intel? Open Image Denoise

              A new Denoise node was added in the compositor, to denoise renders using OpenImageDenoise.

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              After making its debut in Blender 2.80, the real-time render engine got major optimizations and new features in this release.

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              Holdout Support

              Holdout is now supported and works with both opaque and semi transparent surfaces.

              Transparent BSDF

              Transparency handling has been reworked and now supports the same BSDF combinations as Cycles.

              Sneak Peek

              Blender 2.81 is under heavy development right now. Experimental builds can be unstable and mess up your files. Use at your own risk.

              * Do not use in production *
              Try Blender 2.81 Alpha

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